• Bespoke Cakes in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire

    Bespoke cakes are those you can have fun with! You have the chance to do something different - a design you want but can't get! I adore these cakes as each design is unique and personal. The cakes can be in any flavour/shape/theme of your choice. So go wild and email me your ideas and let's see what we can create together!

  • Pricing

    • Celebration sponge cake - from £35
    • Celebration fruit cake - from £55
    • 3D novelty sponge cake (cars, trains, footballs, etc) - from £40
    • Caricatures - from £45
    • Giant cupcake - from £40
    • Princess cupcake - from £55
    These prices are only a guide, as each cake is made individually to suit each celebration.

  • 538.jpg Marvel Themed Cake

    Marvel themed cake

    A cake that has all the marvel characters for a 16th birthday

  • 541.jpg Makeup Cake

    Makeup cake

    A beautiful make up cake made with personalised Pauls boutique hand bag

  • 542.jpg Fishing Themed Cake

    Fishing themed cake

    Hand painted weeds

  • 546.jpg

  • 523.jpg 30th Castle Cake

    30th Castle cake

    30th birthday castle cake

  • 428.jpg Mac Make Up Cake

    Mac Make up cake

    This mac make up cake was made for a 18th birthday

  • 430.jpg Dora The Explora

    Dora the explora

    A cake with matching cupcakes for a little girls 4th birthday party

  • 434.jpg Spiderman 3 Tier

    Spiderman 3 tier

    A spiderman birthday cake for Alfies 5th birthday party

  • 609.jpg

  • 612.jpg

  • 613.jpg

  • 616.jpg Juicy Couture Hand Bag Cake

    Juicy couture hand bag cake

    a 21st birthday cake made to look like a juicy couture hand bag

  • 629.jpg

  • 633.jpg

  • 620.jpg Game Of Thrones

    game of thrones

    this 16th birthday was inspired by the game of thrones

  • 621.jpg

  • 624.jpg

  • 625.jpg

  • 488.jpg AVENGERS THEMED Cake


    Theo loves avengers so he wanted a cake that had all his favourite caricatures on

  • 490.jpg Frozen 4th Birthday Cake

    Frozen 4th birthday cake


  • 493.jpg Game Of Thrones Cake

    Game of thrones cake

    A cake with a throne on the top and the slogan Winter is coming on the side

  • 497.jpg Batman Cake

    Batman cake

    A cake for a lady who loves batman

  • 500.jpg Super Man,spiderman,batman And Hulk

    Super man,spiderman,batman and hulk

    Superman, spiderman, batman and hulk to finish this 3 tier cake

  • 632.jpg

  • 637.jpg Vegas Cake

    Vegas cake

    This is a 21st birthday cake for a lad who was going to vegas for his birthday

  • 641.jpg

  • 545.jpg

  • 550.jpg

  • 527.jpg

  • 530.jpg

  • 533.jpg

  • 532.jpg

  • 536.jpg

  • 553.jpg

  • 557.jpg 3d Turbo

    3d Turbo

    this 3d turbo birthday cake had lights in his eyes and under his body to make it look like the real thing

  • 489.jpg

  • 535.jpg In The Night Garden

    In the night garden

    in the night garden cake for a 1st birthday this is a 6" round

  • 534.jpg Make Up Cake

    Make up cake

    this simple but elegant make up cake would be good for any age birthday

  • 531.jpg

  • 551.jpg

  • 548.jpg

  • 547.jpg

  • 544.jpg Monsters Inc Cake

    Monsters inc cake

    2 tier monsters inc cake with edible figures on the top for a 2nd birthday

  • 540.jpg

  • 539.jpg

  • 586.jpg

  • 590.jpg

  • 593.jpg

  • 594.jpg

  • 596.jpg

  • 601.jpg

  • 600.jpg Stoke Stadium

    Stoke stadium

    this is the stoke stadium cake from a different angle

  • 608.jpg

  • 390.jpg Minny Mouse

    Minny mouse

    A 2 tier minny mouse cake with a 3d minny mouse popping out of the top

  • 379.jpg My Little Pony

    My little pony

    my little pony birthday cake made for a 4th birthday for a little girl who loves my little pony

  • 358.jpg Minion Cake

    Minion cake

    My sons latest birthday cake minions is his favourite film at the moment so it fit to do this cake for him

  • 340.jpg Retiring Cake

    Retiring cake

    a cake for a retiring Michelin worker

  • 365.jpg Minny Mouse Cake

    Minny mouse cake

    Pink minny mouse 1st birthday cake

  • 362.jpg Minny Mouse Birthday Cake

    minny mouse birthday cake

    red minny mouse 4th birthday cake

  • 313.jpg Tardis Cake

    Tardis cake

    Brandon loves Dr who so his mum asked if i could do a tardis cake this cake was almost 10" tall and was half chocolate orange and half chocolate mint.

  • 318.jpg 30th Birthday Cake

    30th birthday cake

    This cake was for donna brought by her friend who called her Lloyd, Shes also a facebook addict

  • 499.jpg Monsters Inc Cake

    Monsters inc cake

    a fury sully and a little mike topper on this cake

  • 469.jpg Princess Peppa Birthday Cake

    Princess peppa birthday cake

    All pink princess peppa birthday cake for a 1st birthday

  • 224.jpg "Minny Mouse" Birthday Cake

    "Minny mouse" birthday cake

    this cake was a 3 tiered cake the mouse head was a vanilla sponge with butter cream, the middle tier was a chocolate sponge with jam and butter cream and the bottome tier was a vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream

  • 415.jpg Stoke City Top Cake

    Stoke city top cake

    stoke city top birthday cake made for the stoke city player Charlie Adam taken to him for after he and the other players finished training on his birthday

  • 416.jpg 3 Tier Birthday Cake

    3 tier birthday cake

    a beautiful 3 tier present birthday cake made for a 21st birthday with the tatty teddy holding a 21

  • 411.jpg Minny Mouse

    Minny mouse

    A minny mouse birthday cake made for a 3rd birthday with 3d minny popping out of the top

  • 417.jpg Baby Tv Birthday Cake

    Baby Tv birthday cake

    A cake made for a 1st birthday from his favourite cartoons

  • 441.jpg Rex Birthday Cake

    Rex birthday cake

    this birthday cake was for a toy story fan who was 3 and his favourite caricature is rex

  • 423.jpg A Caravan Cake

    A caravan cake

    This was made for a funeral for a cake and caravan lover. It is the first funeral cake I have made but I loves seen that it was received so well by all of Pats loved ones

  • 436.jpg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles cake made for Taylor who just had his 5th birthday.the cakes come with all the ninjas on the cake

  • 429.jpg The Little Mermaid Cake

    The little mermaid cake

    A 2 tier birthday cake for lily who was 4 and loves the little mermaid

  • 228.jpg "Monster High" 5th Birthday Cake

    "Monster high" 5th birthday cake

    This was a cake for a party with the theme of the new childrens program Monster High. Both the cakes were a vanilla sponge with jam and butter cream. the girl was a toy doll that the little girl wanted for her birthday

  • 226.jpg 3rd Birthday "minny Mouse" Birthday Cake

    3rd birthday "minny mouse" birthday cake

    This was an all chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream with 16 matching vanilla cupcakes.

  • 303.jpg Bumblebee Cake

    Bumblebee cake

    A cake made for a transformers fan

  • 623.jpg Ice Cream Cake

    Ice cream cake

    this ice cream cake was made for a lady who loves ice cream and cake what a way to combined the 2 for a 40th

  • 622.jpg

  • 465.jpg Princess Peppa Birthday Cake

    Princess peppa birthday cake

    All pink princess peppa birthday cake for a 5th birthday

  • 618.jpg

  • 615.jpg

  • 614.jpg How To Train A Dragon Cake

    How to train a dragon cake

    how to train a dragon cake for a 23rd birthday

  • 611.jpg Birthday Minion

    Birthday minion

    birthday minion for dawson who was 3 years old

  • 643.jpg Baby Tv Cake

    Baby Tv cake

    This cake is getting very popular a baby tv cake with a few of the many caricatures on

  • 638.jpg

  • 634.jpg Lego Move Cake

    Lego move cake

    this lego move cake was a 8" square cake with some hand made figures on

  • 631.jpg

  • 259.jpg Super Heros Theamed Birthday Cake

    Super heros theamed birthday cake

    This cake was made for a little boy who had a theamed party he had a superman vanilla sponge cake, a chocolate batman cake and a chocolate orange spiderman cake.

  • 640.jpg

  • 296.jpg Embassy Cigarette Cake

    Embassy cigarette cake

    This cake was for a suprise party and the cake was mad for a fag lover i was told he liked cigarette, chocolate and golf so i chose to do the cigarettes. he loved the cake

  • 290.jpg Hello Kitty Cake

    Hello kitty cake

    Perfect cake for the hello kitty lovers i can make this cake for the younger girls who love her too this was for a 9 year old girl

  • 630.jpg

  • 626.jpg

  • 627.jpg Fire Man Sam

    Fire man sam

    Fire man sam is here to save the day on revanth's 3rd

  • 307.jpg Peppa Pig 3D Cake

    Peppa Pig 3D cake

    Peppa Pig 3D caks is for lily who loves peppa pig

  • 644.jpg

  • 648.jpg

  • 649.jpg

  • 652.jpg

  • 311.jpg Rugby Birthday Cake

    Rugby birthday cake

    A rugby lover was suprised with this rugby cake the little man looks as much like Stan (birthday Man) as i could get it

  • 281.jpg Guitar Cake

    Guitar cake

    This was a carved cake and was almost 16" long, the customer wanted it to be a union jack patton but i could do it any way you wanted

  • 654.jpg

  • 651.jpg

  • 650.jpg

  • 647.jpg

  • 261.jpg Peppa Pig Princess Cake

    Peppa Pig princess cake

    Imogans 2nd birthday cake she loves peppa pig and i was asked to make it as girly as i could

  • 413.jpg Monsters Inc Cake

    Monsters inc cake

    mike sitting on top of sully made for a 3rd birthday

  • 254.jpg 30th Fishing Birthday Cake

    30th Fishing birthday cake

    For a fishing mad 30 year old. this cake was a vanilla birthday cake with jam and vanilla butter cream

  • 486.jpg Minion Birthday Cake

    Minion Birthday cake

    the birthday minion cake for a first birthday

  • 487.jpg Fireman Minion Birthday Cakes

    Fireman minion birthday cakes

    A fireman minion complete with microphone and letters saying bee-do

  • 503.jpg Tinkerbell Doll Cake

    Tinkerbell doll cake

    this was a real Tinkerbell toy inside a cake so your little one has 2 gifts in one with this cake

  • 452.jpg Ben And Holly Birthday Cake

    Ben and Holly Birthday cake

    Ben and Holly birthday cake for a little girl who loves ben and holly

  • 455.jpg Leopard Print

    Leopard print

    leopard print cake with a beautiful big red edible bow

  • 463.jpg Paul Smith Birthday Cake

    Paul Smith birthday cake

    A paul smith birthday cake made for a 30th birthday

  • 464.jpg Bespoke Living Room Cake

    Bespoke living room cake

    this cake was made to look like the mans living room with his dog sat next to him

  • 346.jpg Super Hero's

    Super hero's

    Super hero's birthday cake spiderman and batman for a joint 5 and 6 birthday

  • 334.jpg Minny Mouse

    Minny mouse

    2 Tier minny mouse birthday cake for a 2nd birthday

  • 405.jpg Wodland Fairy

    Wodland fairy

    A 2 Tier woodland fairy cake with mushrooms, snails, lady birds and flowers with hand made fairy on the top

  • 408.jpg Englad Rugby Top

    Englad rugby top

    the England rugby top cake for a 30th birthday for a rugby fan with hand painted rose

  • 400.jpg Super Mario

    super mario

    super Mario race track for a little boy who turned 5 and loves super mario

  • 396.jpg VW Camper Van

    VW camper van

    a VW camper van for a vw fan who was 21

  • 394.jpg 3 Tier Minny Mouse First Birthday

    3 tier minny mouse first birthday

    3 tier minny mouse birthday cake for kialana who was one

  • 399.jpg Peppa Pig Princess

    peppa pig princess

    a peppa pig princess birthday cake with George

  • 403.jpg Tatty Teddy

    Tatty teddy

    a 2D tatty teddy birthday cake

  • 407.jpg Peppa Pigs Car

    Peppa pigs car

    Peppa pigs car for Eliza's 2nd birthday

  • 375.jpg Owl Cake

    owl cake

    a pretty little owl birthday cake for an owl lover who was 21

  • 374.jpg Large Cupcake

    Large Cupcake

    Large Cupcake in the design of a moshie monster

  • 333.jpg Hello Kitty Cake

    Hello kitty cake

    A 2 tier hello kitty birthday cake with bows a bag and flowers

  • 368.jpg Peppa Pig Princess

    Peppa pig princess

    Peppa pig princess cake with bow, butterflies and an extra bear.

  • 349.jpg Shriek Cake

    Shriek cake

    a shriek birthday cake made for a little girl who loves shriek

  • 218.jpg Star Wars Cake

    Star wars cake

    a star wars cake for a 10th birthday

  • 761.jpg

  • 322.jpg Peppa Pig 1

    Peppa pig 1

    A 1 shaped peppa pig cake. vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream

  • 337.jpg 3D Buzz Lightyear Cake

    3D buzz lightyear cake

    A 3D buzz lightyear birthday cake for reece who was 2

  • 345.jpg Minecraft Cake

    minecraft cake

    Reece's 10th birthday cake in the design of minecraft

  • 361.jpg Sound Of Music Cake

    Sound of music cake

    Sound of music birthday cake

  • 342.jpg Monster High

    Monster high

    A coffin cake for a monster high birthday party

  • 356.jpg Nightmare Before Christmas

    Nightmare before christmas

    nightmare before Christmas cake with Jack and pumpkins

  • 380.jpg Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty

    7th hello Kitty birthday cake with a bow, shoes and a handbag

  • 389.jpg Tatty Teddy

    Tatty teddy

    A 3D tatty teddy 1st birthday cake, made from vanilla sponge and buttercream

  • 393.jpg Buz Lightyear Birthday Cake

    Buz lightyear birthday cake

    My sons 2nd birthday cake Buzz lightyear just to show you how big this cake is.

  • 456.jpg

  • 457.jpg Minion Birthday Cake

    Minion birthday cake

    a minion for a 30th birthday

  • 454.jpg Gun Cake

    Gun cake

    a gun cake created for a man who loves clay pigeon shooting

  • 504.jpg Ps4 Cake

    Ps4 Cake

    this was for a lady who works at Alton towers, loves kfc and loves her ps4

  • 506.jpg Gorge And Grandad Pig

    Gorge and grandad pig

    Gorge and grandad pig on granddad pigs boat. Peppa pig cake

  • 505.jpg Hand Bag Cake

    hand bag cake

    A beautiful hand painted handbag cake for abbies 19th birthday

  • 501.jpg Jake And The Neverland

    Jake and the neverland

    Jake and the neverland pirate cake Jake on his boat

  • 502.jpg Cube Cake

    Cube cake

    a really cute cube cake for a boy or a girls birthday

  • 496.jpg In The Night Garden

    In the night garden

    a in the night garden cake for Quinten's 2nd birthday

  • 491.jpg Frozen Cake

    Frozen cake

    Olaf on the top of this cake, such a popular cake at the moment

  • 492.jpg Frozen Cake

    Frozen cake

    3 tier frozen themed cake with hand made anna on the top Olaf

  • 607.jpg

  • 603.jpg Ben And Holly

    ben and holly

    ben and holly cake for a joint birthday this cake was a 10" round

  • 602.jpg

  • 598.jpg

  • 599.jpg Stoke Stadium Cake

    Stoke stadium cake

    My very first stoke stadium cake and this has been very popular since i have now done a few of them

  • 498.jpg Castle Cake

    castle cake

    Pretty pink castle cake this can come in any colour you like

  • 388.jpg 21st Present Cake

    21st Present cake

    a present cake made for a 21st birthday this is a 10" square cake

  • 570.jpg Mens 30th Birthday Cake

    Mens 30th birthday cake

    Mens 30th birthday cake with edible beer bottle and ps3 remote

  • 677.jpg Hand Bag Cake

    hand bag cake

    this cake was made to look like the little girls handbag she had for her birthday

  • 681.jpg F1 Car Cake

    F1 car cake

    A 60th birthday cake for a F1 fan

  • 686.jpg 30th Chocoholic Cake

    30th chocoholic cake

    A 30th birthday cake wit chocolate fingers all around each cake one chocolate cake and one vanilla with white chocolate decoration

  • 685.jpg Stoke Top Cake

    Stoke top cake

    A 60th birthday cake for Chris who is a Stoke FC fan

  • 689.jpg

  • 692.jpg

  • 693.jpg

  • 700.jpg

  • 697.jpg Drum Cake

    Drum cake

  • 705.jpg

  • 705.jpg

  • 701.jpg

  • 708.jpg

  • 707.jpg

  • 706.jpg Grandad Pigs Boat Cake

    Grandad pigs boat cake

    this cake is the boat from peppa pig

  • 711.jpg

  • 712.jpg

  • 720.jpg Minion Birthday Cake

    minion birthday cake

    a 21st birthday minion

  • 719.jpg

  • 724.jpg

  • 723.jpg Hat Box Cake

    hat box cake

    beautiful hat box cake made for a 70th birthday

  • 727.jpg Doc Mcstuffing

    doc mcstuffing

    this doc mcstuffing cake was a huge 10" cake

  • 729.jpg

  • 739.jpg

  • 745.jpg

  • 749.jpg

  • 752.jpg

  • 746.jpg Golf Shoes Cake

    golf shoes cake

    for all you golf lovers this is something different

  • 734.jpg

  • 731.jpg Beauty And Thebeast

    beauty and thebeast

    beauty and the beast cake for a 28th

  • 730.jpg

  • 728.jpg

  • 725.jpg

  • 721.jpg

  • 726.jpg

  • 716.jpg

  • 718.jpg

  • 713.jpg

  • 709.jpg

  • 702.jpg

  • 703.jpg

  • 696.jpg

  • 695.jpg

  • 691.jpg

  • 687.jpg

  • 684.jpg

  • 683.jpg

  • 680.jpg

  • 672.jpg

  • 765.jpg

  • 758.jpg Stoke Stadium Cake

    Stoke stadium cake

    this stoke stadium cake was sent to the stadium for a birthday party

  • 767.jpg Hungry Caterpillar

    hungry caterpillar

    the hungry caterpillar cake was a 2 tier cake

  • 768.jpg Princess Cake

    Princess cake

    Princess Cinderella cake for a 5th birthday this can be made in any colour a with any princess on

  • 722.jpg

  • 766.jpg 1st Birthday Cake

    1st birthday cake

    this number one birthday cake was a beautifully simple design

  • 760.jpg In The Night Garden

    in the night garden

    this 2 tier in the night garden 1st birthday cake is a 8" and a 6"

  • 757.jpg 3D Spiderman

    3D spiderman

    This 3D spider man cake is a huge life size cake for a 5th birthday

  • 759.jpg Dawn Of The Dead

    Dawn of the dead

    im getting asked alot now for this kind of cake so i thought it would be best to put a pic up of the dawn of the dead cake for a 13th birthday