• Cakes for Baby Showers in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire

    We can offer a variety of cakes for baby showers from sex reveal cakes (email me for more info) and cupcakes, to cakes that look like a baby bump.

    This cake can be anything you want it to be - it's your baby shower so have fun with it!

  • Pricing

    • Celebration sponge cake - from £35
    • Celebration fruit cake - from £55
    • 3D novelty sponge cake (cars, trains, footballs, etc) - from £40
    • Caricatures - from £45
    • Giant cupcake - from £40
    • Princess cupcake - from £55
    These prices are only a guide, as each cake is made individually to suit each celebration.

  • 5.jpg "Baby Reveal" Cake

    "Baby Reveal" Cake

    This cake was booked so the mum and dad could share with family and friends what the sex of their unborn child is....

  • 437.jpg Baby Shower Cupcakes

    Baby shower cupcakes

    some trains shoes and feet for a boys baby shower

  • 431.jpg Its A Girl Cupcakes

    Its a girl cupcakes

    cupcakes for a lady who is having a girl

  • 424.jpg

  • 382.jpg Congratulation Cupcakes

    Congratulation cupcakes

    Congratulations on your baby boy cupcakes with the date and weight the baby was

  • 604.jpg

  • 314.jpg Chocolate Baby Bump Cake

    Chocolate baby bump cake

    This baby shower cake was all chocolate. and in the design of my customer

  • 462.jpg Baby Change Bag

    Baby change bag

    This baby change bag was for a baby shower for someone who didn't know the sex of the baby

  • 274.jpg Baby Shower Cupcakes

    Baby shower cupcakes

    Baby shower cupcakes for boys and girls

  • 367.jpg Baby Bump Cake

    Baby bump cake

    the custome for this cake wanted to show that they were having a baby that had an English dad and a welsh mum so the dress was half and half

  • 398.jpg Baby Boy Bump Cake

    Baby boy bump cake

    this was for a woman who was having a baby boy and wanted the dress to be blue

  • 335.jpg Baby Bottle

    baby bottle

    a 3D bottle baby shower cake for a mum who was having a boy

  • 366.jpg Baby Girl Cupcakes

    Baby girl cupcakes

    know someone having a girl this is the perfect gift for the yummy mummy

  • 646.jpg

  • 617.jpg

  • 642.jpg

  • 763.jpg Baby Bum

    Baby bum

    this beautiful its a girl baby bum cake has been my favorite baby shower cake yet